Transaction Negotiations and Commercial Advisory

Case Study: #2 Commercial Advisory

Case Study: #2 Commercial Advisory

Background: Chinese wind turbine manufacturer, XEMC, approached Orchid to advise it on a brownfield wind power project in California that the firm was considering purchasing and re-powering with its own turbines.

Orchid's Role:

  • Orchid essentially acted as “financial advisor plus” for XEMC, filling some of the traditional roles of a financial advisor but leveraging our extensive industry experience to go beyond that role.
  • Orchid developed and maintained the financial model for valuing the acquisition.
  • Orchid led due diligence on the project with a particular emphasis on regulatory issues.
  • Orchid directed the third party legal adviser on the project.
  • Orchid supported XEMC in developing the documentation necessary for securing financing from Chinese lenders.
  • Orchid advised on and led negotiations with the seller.
  • Orchid also advised on other matters pertinent to the transaction as XEMC required.

Orchid's Deliverables:

  • Financial model and analysis
  • Overall pricing and negotiating strategy development
  • Development and maintenance of project plan & work schedule
  • Preparation of materials for approvals and financing