Strategy and Deal Origination

Case Study: Deal Origination

Background: Energy Initiative Japan (EIJ), a Japanese developer of solar projects hired Orchid to lead the sale of a portfolio of greenfield solar projects developed under the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) established under the “Act on Special Measures Concerning the Procurement of Renewable Electrical Energy by Operators of Electric Utilities” in Japan.

Orchid's Role:

  • Orchid was engaged by EIJ to assist them in preparing the materials required to attract long-term investors in their portfolio of solar projects, approach investors and support concluding a transaction.
  • We worked with EIJ to understand the details behind the projects and to prepare the necessary materials for a data room including the financial model.
  • We identified high potential investor groups, prepared a teaser document and engaged the targeted buyers.
  • Throughout the investor review process, we managed relationships and facilitated the timely completion of due diligence.
  • We worked with EIJ and the preferred bidder to move towards the close of an SPA.
  • As a result of the process, Sonnedix of France acquired the projects.

Orchid's Deliverables:

  • Origination of potential investors
  • Preparation of teaser materials
  • Coordination of data room preparation
  • Management of the transaction process