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Orchid Group launches Orchid Law

Orchid Group is pleased to announce the formation of an affiliated law firm, Orchid Law. The combination of Orchid Group and Orchid Law allows us to offer clients a one-stop shop for commercial and legal advice.

As part of our support of Asian investors evaluating opportunities and markets in North America, Orchid Group has in the past provided supplemental legal services such as documentary due diligence, drafting and negotiations of agreements, and advice on laws, regulations, and trending legislative changes. Establishing a separate but related law firm to provide a full slate of legal support for all of our clients made perfect sense.

Orchid Law is under the leadership of Lilly Teng as Managing Partner of the firm. Lilly has been a member of the State Bar of Texas since 1989. She is also a member of the Advisory Council for the International Law Section of the Texas Bar and Secretary of the San Antonio Bar Association’s International Law Section. She previously served as General Counsel of Suez North America’s unregulated divisions for wholesale marketing and trading, and LNG development, Legal Adviser to Texaco and Chevron, Senior Counsel for BlackBrush Oil & Gas, and Senior Counsel at Enron Law.

Orchid Law will focus on international business transactions and projects, using strategies and tools to help clients make better, smarter, and profitable deals. Also known as 360° due diligence, Orchid Law uses the Hybrid Due Diligence method of combining traditional, digital, and cyber tools for investigations of foreign business partners and assets, and to gather all other data the client needs to assess risks early in the transaction.

We understand clients’ concerns about meeting business goals while managing external legal fees and costs. Therefore, Orchid Law will work with clients for flexible rate structures that align better with business goals and provide budget certainty.

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